From my archives: Italy 2012

Here are some shots taken in different towns and cities in Italy in the summer of 2012. I have edited these again playing around with Lightroom presets. I might republish all my posts from our great Europe trip of 2012, as I posted all my photos on a separate travel blog. But as that blog hasn’t been updated in a long time, I might publish the photos from that blog in here. If I find the time… 😉 Anyways: here are a glimpse of Italy.

The first shots are from Perugia in Umbria

perugia with preset


perugia with preset2


perugia with preset3


And the next two are from the lovely Orvieto, also in Umbria.

Orvieto with preset

Orvieto with preset2

The last ones are from the town of San Gemini in Umbria, where we stayed in a grand, old palazzo.

Santi Terzi with preset

Santi Terzi door detail with preset

San Gemini with preset

San Gemini with preset2

5 thoughts on “From my archives: Italy 2012

  1. The architecture is just something else, well especially when you hail from the US. Even as I love most things modern, old towns never get…old. 😉 The Pizzeria pic is intriguing. I just keep thinking, how’s anybody find you!

    Thanks for sharing.

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