Roe deers in the garden

I haven´t really taken the camera out much the last week, I´m tired of taking photos of snow..  But yesterday I felt like capturing our friends the roe deers that come to our garden a couple of times a day to eat bird food leftovers. They are such beautiful animals. I just hope they wont eat our flowers when spring finally arrives. The light was not the easiest, with both shadows and lights, and all the photos are taken through the living room windows.


rådyrbukk 2

rådyr i hagen

rådyr i krattet

rådyr ser på meg


3 thoughts on “Roe deers in the garden

  1. Snakke du om naturen tett på!!! de er så så sinnsykt søte å 🙂

    Har noen gående vi også, ikke sånn jevnlig, men innnimellom når de fores med restene av dagens matpakke til sønnen i huset 🙂

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