Ducks and boats and some other things

I finally took the camera with me to work today. It´s been a while. Of course, yesterday the weather was fantastic, today it was mostly grey. I didn’t have time for a lunch walk, but on the way home I walked to the part of the city that´s called Ila, and I went down to the river first, and then down to the marina on the other side of the main road afterwards. Here are a few shots from my afternoon trip.


posing ducks

mrs duck

stone in ice

ducks landing

ilen church

Ila marina

Ila marina 2

14 thoughts on “Ducks and boats and some other things

  1. Lovely shots as usual Inga! I particularly like the frozen water/stone shot, really captivating (and I don’t know if you’ve posted them intentionally in that order but the female mallard’s breast in the shot above is very similar in colour, shape and markings – nice!) There’s also something about the quality of light and colour that makes your images so typically north european too – Greg

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