Best of July

July was a month filled with fun and visiting beautiful places around Norway. 

The month started with a concert with Elton John and ended with a concert with Bruce Springsteen. 

1. Elton John concert at the folk museum 

2. At the folk museum a few days later 

3. and 4. Fishing and hiking trip for a few days in the mountain area around Skeikampen, not far from my home town Lillehammer. 

4. Tenting in the mountain area Valdresflya, by the mountain top Bitihorn. 

5. Tenting in the mountain area Strynefjell which is between eastern and western Norway.

6. View driving down from Strynefjell

7. The great waterfall of Mardalsfossen, close to where my husband grew up, northwestern Norway. 

8. Magic light over the village Eresfjord. View from the garden of my in laws. 

9. Concert with Bruce Springsteen 

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