March 9: Everyday

There wasn’t anything “everyday” about my work trip last week – even though I often travel for work.

This is the view towards the Altafjorden and the mountains in the town Alta in Finnmark. I guess this is an everyday sight for people living in this part of the town.  

And here are some bonus shots from the trip to Alta and Kautokeino in Finnmark, the northernmost county in Norway.

1. and 2 is of the Northern Lights Cathedral (which really is not a cathedral, but a church). It is only three years old and a magnificent building both on the outside and inside.  

3. People are allowed to drive snow scooters in Finnmark and here is the scooter parking outside the hotel in Kautokeino.

4. The ice bar outside the hotel 

5. and 6. The view is wide in Kautokeino.

7. Sami man along the road who just looked so good in his traditional clothes. The Sami people is the indigenous people in Norway.  



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