Blaker Skanse

Blaker Skanse is an old defense fortress by the river Glomma in Blaker in Akershus county, not far from Oslo. Blaker Skanse was in use already in 1683, but was rebuilt to cover attacks from the river as well. There was a battle here during the Great Nordic War in 1718, and was also taken shortly by  the Swedes in the beginning of the 19th century. Today it is an idyllic place with lots of beautiful buildings. It has housed the art department of Akershus college. There is a play here every August, and several concerts during the summer time.

These shots were taken in July.

1. and 2. The Commanders’ building

blaker skanse 1

commanders housing

3. The gunpowder building

the gunpowder house blaker skanse

4. The artillery building. This is only a part of it. It is one of Norway’s largest protected wooden buildings.

artillery building 2


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