Sognefjellet mountain area

Here is (I think) the final post from our roadtrip in June. This is from Sognefjellet mountain area. We cross Sognefjellet going from the western part to the eastern part of Norway (from Sogn & Fjordane to Oppland county). Lots of snow going on there after the very cold spring and summer.

view Sognefjellet

mountain tops sognefjellet

mountain tops sognefjellet2

3 thoughts on “Sognefjellet mountain area

    1. Definitely not winter yet. This is from June high up in the mountains, and the snow is leftovers from last winter. But we have actually had the coldest summer in 40 years. It feels like constant October weather, with the occasional sunny day that feels like early September 😉

      1. Ah gotcha, We had a summer last year full of nothing but rain and now we have drought 😦 ugh there’s never a fair balance is there?

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