Lindesnes was one of the destinations on our roadtrip. Lindesnes with its famous lighthouse is the southernmost tip of Norway. We went there with a colleague of mine who lives nearby and it was a fantastic experience. You feel very close to the elements out there. It was a sunny day with nothing but blue sky and the sea, but also very windy. It was actually hard walking up the steps into the lighthouse, you had to hold on really hard 🙂

There are lots of people going the distance of 2518 km (1564 miles) from Lindesnes to Nordkapp (the North Cape) which is the northern most tip of Norway. They go by car, motorcycle, bicycle and some are walking. It’s crazy, but most likely a fantastic experience.

Here are my shots from Lindesnes. Enjoy!

red house by Lindesnes

lindesnes seascape

lindesnes lighthouse

lindesnes lighthouse 2

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