Easter in Romsdal, Norway

After spending the weekend in Oslo with my husband doing things like having a 5 course dinner, going to an art museum and to the opera, we’re spending the most of the easter holiday with my husband’s parents in Eresfjord in Romsdal, north-western Norway. (I will post some Instagram shots from Oslo later)

For most of my followers some of the sights here is getting familiar as I always post photos of the stunning scenery here when we visit, no matter the season. We have been so lucky with the weather these last two days, so I have lots of pictures to show you, but I will divide them into several blog posts. Tomorrow it’s suppose to be rainy, so we might not see the mountains. Here are a few shots from yesterday. All showing the lovely mountains with snow on top, and all taken from or close to the property of my in laws.

eresfjord mountains easter 1b


eresfjord mountains easter 2b

by the river towards the mountains

11 thoughts on “Easter in Romsdal, Norway

    1. It sure is beautiful. There’s not so much snow during the summer, but there might be some left on the peeks, depending on how warm the summer is.

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