Roe deer in the garden

My photo challenge is not going too well, I haven’t taken any photos for a few days. But yesterday and today I actually used my camera, and I’m hoping I might finish the last 8 days of the challenge at least. We’ll see.

Yesterday I tried to capture the roe deers in the garden with my zoom lens. They are taken through the window so not to frighten them. And as you can see – basically no snow left even in the middle of winter. Yes, February is still in the middle of winter here in Norway.

roe deers eating

roe deer looking at me

5 thoughts on “Roe deer in the garden

  1. no snow and Feb. YEs, Europe is warming while parts of the US are freezing. And here, Autumns I think are disappearing and winter will become a smear of cool amidst the heat. It is so sad to see things change so fast. Treasure the trees and these beautiful roe deer.

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