Water and heart

Most of you know that I’m doing a February photo challenge, and since I pinned two different challenges on my Pinterest board I have the privilege to choose which one I’m doing each day. Today it was water for the first one and heart for the second one. I decided to do both, since it is Mother’s Day in Norway today, and since the weather has been so incredibly bad.

First for water: after the snow storm yesterday it has continued to be very windy today (almost as bad as yesterday) and today it changed from snow to rain. It has been pouring down most of the day. This is the rain drops on our living room window.

february 8 water


For heart I took a photo of the decoration on a cake my husband bought for Mother’s Day. I got flowers and drawings by my kids too. 🙂

february 8 heart

8 thoughts on “Water and heart

  1. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Ironic really because water represents emotion and I feel both of these shots carry emotion, albeit opposite emotions. 😉

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