Details from a birch tree

Here are a few shots I took last weekend when I was outside with my kids on a grey day, with both snow and (unfortunately) rain. I hope for more snow so I can capture some beautiful winter scenery. So far, all you get are some tree details from a birch tree in our garden. The shots called for some extra editing in Lightroom to make them better, but I’m quite happy with the result.

birch tree trunk


lichen on tree trunk


lichen on twig

8 thoughts on “Details from a birch tree

  1. As always, Beautiful shots..! I sure do wish there was more snow here in Vancouver within the city, it’s been a while since we’ve got even a dusting sigh! :S

  2. J’aime bien ce sujet sur les troncs d’arbres avec le lichen dessus! D’ailleurs cela me donne une idée 🙂

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