My favorites 2014: October, November and December

The last round up of my favorites from 2014. The next post will be the 10 most voted from my followers, so make sure you vote for the one you like the best, or leave your comment to tell me. Thank you all for voting and commenting so far.

1. Leaves, October afternoon

leaf october afternoon

2. Old boathouse reflected

old boathouse reflected

3. Rowan berries


rowan berries with preset

4. Beautiful late autumn day

Beautiful late autumn day

5. Golden leaf on the ground

golden leaf on the ground

6. November sunset

november sunset

7. Frosty Rosehip


frosty rosehip

8. Berlin Wall

berlin wall

9. Frosty dead flowers

frosty dead flowers 2

10. Pinkย berries in the cold

purple berries in the cold


6 thoughts on “My favorites 2014: October, November and December

  1. You captured the season(s) well in these! #6 got my vote but #2,4,8, & 9 are my runners up. #2 is a cool structure by itself but then you got its reflection too, nice. #4 is again a beautiful view coupled with its beautiful reflection. #8 is telling and historical if I may say, I like the perspective you chose on this. I like the cool temperature you went with in #9 and of course the crystally ice. Finally though #6 is stunning and characteristic of the end of the year. I love how everything is silhouetted against the burning light, perfect. Really well done!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for sharing all of these with us and giving us the chance to witness the beauty with you. I look forward to seeing what the new year brings.

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