My favorites 2014: July, August and September

Here is the third post with my favorites from 2014. These are from the months of July, August and September. I had such a hard time choosing 10, so I ended up with 12. 🙂

Remember that I would like to hear from you which one you like the best – either by voting in the poll or by leaving your comment. The 10 best from all of the year will be featured in a final post.

1. Lavender, July version

lavender july version2

2. Daisy from behind

daisy from behind

3. The fjord Eresfjord


the fjord

4. After sunset on the fjord

after sunset on the fjord

5. Devil’s Bit Scabious with flies

devil's bit scabious with flies v2

6. Early Sunrise, the flower (Kransøye in Norwegian)


7. Tøyen manor, the Botanical Garden in Oslo

tøyen hovedgård


8. First sign of autumn

first sign of autumn

9. Bryggen in Bergen

Bryggen i Bergen

10. Boat house, Bekkjarvik

boat house Bekkjarvik

11. Baklidammen reflections

Baklidammen reflections2

12. Dead flower with dew

dead flower with dew




9 thoughts on “My favorites 2014: July, August and September

  1. Yes you are making it hard to decide!! But then I got to #12 and my decision became quite easy. #1,4,5 are easily runners up. #1 because it’s macro and I like that you’ve captured the blooms in different stages reflecting different shapes and colors. #4 because well that’s just a gorgeous, striking view and reflections are always special. And #5 I thought was going to be my winner because it’s unique! Alas #12 took it to a new level, you captured a dead flower in its moment of bling!! 😀 Thanks for sharing.

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