My favorites: April, May and June

Here is the second post with my favorites from 2014. Please vote or leave a comment to tell me which one is your favorite. 🙂

1. Ducks in flight

ducks in flight

2. Bright green spring

bright green spring


3. Purple Crocus

purple crocus


4. Wood Anemone

wood anemone in the sun2

5. Lavender

lavender 2

6. Buoy

buoy in the water

7. Pretty flower

pretty flower

8. Covered in pollen

covered in pollen3

9. Cottongrass


10. Dandelion field

dandelion field


7 thoughts on “My favorites: April, May and June

  1. So many to choose from here! Really appreciate all the macros in addition to the flowers. I struggled between the bee, pretty flower, crocus, and the wood anemone. The Crocus and bee covered in pollen were beautiful for their vibrant colors and macros perspective, always a fav of mine. But the pretty flower and wood anemone I really like for the flat profile of the flowers. Ultimately I chose the pretty flower for all its detail: specks of pollen, shape in the petals in contrast to flat shape of the flower, and of course the vibrant color, and all this against the bright green. Lovely. 🙂

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