My favorites: January, February and March

Happy New Year to everyone! It’s a new year, and before I start posting new photos here is my first post looking back at my own personal favorites from 2014. This post features 10 photos from January, February and March. Please let me know if any of these are special favorites of yours. You can also vote at the end of the post, but of course I like comments too. The 10 most liked from my four posts of favorites will be featured in a final summary post.

1. Feather

feather 2

2. Fire by the pondfire by the pond

3. Ice bauble

Red ice bauble 3

4. Gallerie de la Roi, Brussels

gallerie de la roi bw

5. The Berlaymont building, Brussels

Berlaymont in bw

6. Pussy Willows in the coldcold pussy willows 2

7. Yellow flower

yellow flower

8. White Gerbera

white gerbera

9. Snow by the pond Kyvannet

snow by Kyvannet

10. Coltsfoot in a glass of water

coltsfoot in a glass of water


14 thoughts on “My favorites: January, February and March

  1. Well this was tough because I like many of them for different reasons. While I would be more inclined to pick the yellow flower, the architecture, or the ice bauble I went with the fires by the pond most especially because the small fires are great, even if itty-bitty, pops of color. And because it’s overall a nice scene, with you a distant bird in the bush. Plus from this perspective you can imagine human beings back in a more primitive state.

    That said the buildings and yellow flower are close behind.

    Thanks for sharing, I look forward to the next line up!

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