Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin

So I’m back from a wonderful, inspirational and great trip to Berlin. The conference, Online Educa, was inspirational. And as always the Christmas markets and the lights around Christmas in this city is wonderful. Very nice to have a few days off with my husband as well. The kids were happy with their grandparents back in Norway.

For my first post from Berlin, here are a few shots from Schloss Charlottenburg, the largest palace in the city of Berlin. I had a few hours off on my first day before some meetings, so I planned to walk to the Charlottenburg Palace. But because of a delayed flight I only managed to get a look outside this magnificent building before I had to head back to the hotel. It was in the afternoon so it was getting darker, and it was pretty grey and gloomy. I have edited this a bit to make them stand out a bit more. Looking at the wikipedia page for the castle, I think I have to return in the spring or the summer time some day.

schloss Charlottenburg

Schloss Charlottenburg with Christmas Market

statue at the gate schloss charlottenburg

details from the fence Schloss Charlottenburg

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