Idyllic by Lake Mjøsa

A couple of weeks ago during our summer vacation some of us also took a day trip to visit my grandma. She lives in Hedmark county, southeast Norway, close to Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa. It’s an idyllic region with smaller villages and both small and large farms with animals and barley fields. A 10 minute drive from my grandma you can go to the island of Helgøya. There we stopped at the large farm of Hovinsholm, where they have opened a life style shop in the old stable and a small cafeteria with a lovely garden with apple trees. The shop and the cafe is called Skafferiet. (which roughly means a place you can get things). The farm Hovinsholm dates back to the 13th century, and was in a period owned by Crown, and later nobilities got their income from this farm. It covers a large area, and there has both been a monastery and church on the estate.

It was an absolutely wonderful day with eating strawberries with my grandma in the garden, swimming in the lake, and walking in idyllic surroundings.

The first shots are of the lovely little house and garden where the cafeteria is. The rest is from the farm and the surroundings.

Skafferiet 2


under the apple trees Skafferiet

idyllic gravel road

Hovinsholm stabbur

view towards Mjøsa

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