The Natural History Museum and the Botanical Garden: buildings

Yesterday I posted a few shots from the Botanical Garden in Oslo. The Botanical Garden is a part of the Natural History Museum, that also includes the Zoological and Geological exhibitions.  Here are some shots of different kinds of buildings that are found in this beautiful museum area.

1. A smaller building: the gazebo at the Great-granny’s garden:

gazebo Great-grannys garden


2. The path leading directly to  the ticket office and the museum shop for the geological and zoological exhibitions. The building to the left holds the zoological exhibitions and is called the Robert Collett House, and was built in the period 1904-1908. Robert Collett (1842-1913) was a Norwegian zoologist. He was a curator and later director of the zoological museum. The building to the right holds the geological exhibitions (with exiting dinosaurs in it) and is called the W. C. Brøgger House, and was built between 1911 and 1917 W. C. Brøgger (1851-1940) was a Norwegian geologist and first dean of the University of Oslo.

path to the museums


3. Another shot of the Robert Collett House

zoological museum


4. In the middle of the Botanical Garden is the old Tøyen Manor House belonging to the Tøyen estate. The main wing of the manor is probably the oldest wooden building in the Oslo and Akershus region, and dates back to 1679.

tøyen hovedgård

5.  Another view of the Tøyen Manor House. This is from the courtyard where there is a café today.

tøyen manor house the cafe

6. And old farm building belonging to the Tøyen estate. Now I’m sure it holds tool and stuff for the gardeners in the Botanical garden.

tøyen manor house old farm building

4 thoughts on “The Natural History Museum and the Botanical Garden: buildings

  1. These are beautiful, Inga, but the gazebo is so very inviting. Shall we meet for lemonade and small sandwiches at noon tomorrow? 🙂

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