Hiking in the mountains

Last Friday was our last day in Eresfjord (for new readers; Møre & Romsdal county, North-western Norway) for now, and as the weather forecast said beautiful sunny day we planned a hike in the mountains up to the top Goksøyra (1337 meters), but the fog was thick on the top so we never reached the top. Still me, my husband and my brother in law had a wonderful 3,5 hours trip up in the mountains. At times very steep, but the award was the magnificent view halfway up. Unfortunately the light was difficult for photography, but I tried. Next year I’m hoping for excellent weather so I can reach the top and experience and even more fantastic view.

view Eresfjord from Ufsalen

small cabin Ufsalen


sunrays through the fog

view Eresfjord from the mountains

hiking in the mountains Eresfjord

more foggy mountains

13 thoughts on “Hiking in the mountains

    1. Thanks, Sylvia! The hut once belonged to a summer farm where they led the kettle up the steep paths every summer. Very fascinating really.

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