View from the bridge

A look back at our day trip to the island of Stokkøya on the Fosen peninsula (mid-Norway) last week. As I mentioned in the last post this is one of the last islands before the Norwegian Sea. There is another small island close to Stokkøya, called Linesøya, and there is a new bridge connecting the two. Here are two shots taken from the bridge. The first is towards Stokkøya, the other one is towards the outskirts of Linesøya.


stokkøya seen from the bridge

towards Linesøya

7 thoughts on “View from the bridge

    1. Actually, because of the Gulf Stream the coast of Norway has open waters all year round, even far north. Even the fjords rarely freezes. That doesn’t make it less cold though. 😉

      1. That is extremely rare but -30 to -35 can happen in some areas, but that’s not along the coast. Where I live in Trondheim the coldest is usually around -20.

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