Covered in pollen

covered in pollen

covered in pollen2

covered in pollen3


21 thoughts on “Covered in pollen

  1. Great photos! It’s really getting into the pollen. The bumblebees have been working our flowers and lambs ear. I got some photos of a couple of bumblebees and a dragonfly the other day, but I haven’t had time to process them.

      1. I think I got some pretty foot shots of the dragon fly. Maybe I’ll put up the dragon fly and bumblebees tonight. Dragonflies take a lot of patients to photograph. I move in, it flies, I stop, it comes back to the same spot. I move closer, it flies, I stop and wait, and it comes back. I do this until I get close enough to get a good shot. It doesn’t always work, however, there is a point the dragonfly thinks I’m too close and won’t come back.

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