Halsnøy Abbey Ruins

More from the work trip to the island of Halsnøy on the west coast of Norway. We managed to find time to visit the ruins of Halsnøy Abbey. The information said that Halsnøy Abbey was one of five Augustinian monasteries in medieval Norway. It was built around 1300, but there had been a monastic presence there since the 12th century. According to legend, the first monastary was built by Erling Skakke (1115-79) in 1164 to mark the coronation of his five-year-old son, Magnus, as king of Norway. Immediately prior to the Reformation (1537), Halsnøy abbey possessed the largest estate of any Norwegian monastery.

We were there on a very cold and rainy day, and quite a few of my shots were marked by rain drops. Here are a few that wasn’t that bad.

Yard tree by Halsnøy abbey ruins

dramatic tree

wet dandelions by the ruins

11 thoughts on “Halsnøy Abbey Ruins

  1. Yes, that shot of the tree is magnificent. I wish the others weren’t marred by the raindrops. I love photos of ruins.

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