Down by the sea

Last week I went on a work trip to the island of Halsnøy, Hordaland county in the western part of Norway. I last went there in August, and here is my first post from that trip including a link to a map of the area.

The first afternoon we went to my colleague’s farm and went down to the sea where we enjoyed discovering the area and then a had a barbecue. Here are a few shots from that wonderful, sunny afternoon and early evening. More to come later.

And by the way: yes, I do know there are spots on my photos. My camera definitely needs a good cleaning. 😉 I should have removed the spots in photoshop (as I try to do most of the time), but I forgot, and I didn’t bother open them for editing again.

Halsnøy low tide

halsnøy view towards boathouse

buoy in the water

4 thoughts on “Down by the sea

  1. Heldig du som kan reise litt innimellom der du får sett litt av det vakre landet vårt, vårvakkert å som det er nå.

    Ang. flekkene dine Inga, IKKE betal flere hundre kroner på Japan Photo for å få det utført i alle fall, jeg forsøkte, men neimenn om de forvant helt, dyrt var det å. Men synes å huske det var en annen plass i Trondheim en kunne levere som var hakket bedre, forhør deg litt…. bruk bare IKKE støvsugeren, he he

    1. takk for tipset, Anne! Har rensa det en gang hos Japan Photo. Vel var det ikke billig, men jeg mener det hjalp da. Skal sjekke litt rundt, og lover å ikke bruke støvsugeren 😉

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