May 17, 2014: Norway’s Constitution 200 years

Today is Norway’s Constitution Day, a national celebration filled with children’s parades, Norwegian flags, music, ice cream and a focus on our independence and freedom. This year is special as we mark the 200th anniversary of the constitution that was signed in Eidsvoll (north of Oslo) in 1814. The signing of the constitution marked Norway’s separation from Denmark that ruled our country for 400 years. It was a constitution of democracy with separation of powers and details of how elections would be arranged.  The 17th of May in 1814 the representatives from large parts of Norway also choose a new king. We ended up in union with Sweden until 1905 when we again chose our own king through a people’s referendum, and gained our full independence.

Me and my husband celebrated with inviting some of our friends to our house for champagne lunch, and we had some lovely hours with lots of good food and we all were in a good mood. Since we didn’t go downtown to watch the parades, I found a photo from last year that is a glimpse into what it can look like in Trondheim on May 17.


9 thoughts on “May 17, 2014: Norway’s Constitution 200 years

  1. Buon compleanno! Sto preparando un post su monarchie e repubbliche, e sulla garanzia istituzionale che rappresentano Re e Presidenti, mi sa che un link sarà diretto ad uno dei tuoi post 😉

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