Finally the temperature is nice enough for buying and planting flowers and plants around the house and on the terrace, both in boxes and pots. So prepare for more flowers shots coming up. There will be more wildflowers soon too. I bought lavender plants for the first time today. They smell so nice, and of course I just love the color. Enjoy, and imagine you can smell them 🙂



lavender 2

lavender 3


10 thoughts on “Lavender

  1. I love lavender too – my kids pick it for me all the time as I find the smell so gorgeous. I love your new look blog – I have been so behind on my posts I have had to focus on getting up to date, so I have only see yours via my email feed – but seeing them here in this view is lovely. Well done

  2. Utrolig lekkert med bilder med liten dybdeskarphet ja 🙂 også Lavendelblomsten så er så fin og lukter så godt. Men får liksom ikke den helt til deg… :-/ men kan vel ikke la vær og forsøke 🙂

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