Winter in March

It’s not unusual that we have snow in March. March is still a winter month in many parts of Norway. But after two months of no snow (or rain for that matter), and the last few weeks with spring signs popping up, I’m having mixed feelings about all the snow we’ve got the last two days. Here is a quick shot with the phone through the living room window. More winter shots to come later.


11 thoughts on “Winter in March

  1. Love it! Here in Ontario, Canada, the winter has been brutal! It has gotten better over the last few days, though. I can’t wait for Spring! I want to wear my dresses :p

  2. Hmm, der var det mykje snø ja. Eg venta heile vinteren på snø her sørvest, men ikkje no lenger. Håpar ikkje dette kjem sørover… Men fint er det jo!

    1. og i dag har det kommet enda mer. Jeg har også venta hele vinteren på snø, men var egentlig veldig klar for vår nå. Men ungene fryder seg da! 🙂

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