While I wait for spring flowers…

And the spring flowers may come next week or in two months.. Who knows…

While I wait for spring flowers


14 thoughts on “While I wait for spring flowers…

    1. It’s still too early here, but since we have unusually warm weather there might be some soon. I know that on the other side of the city down by the fjord there are already coltsfoot appearing.

    1. oh, it has definitely not yet sprung. It just that it all feels like spring even though it should have been winter and snow now and for one more month. Last year it snowed in May too… The spring signs I’ve seen are at least one month early.

  1. Funny how we look to these remnants with such hope and impatience! I like the profile here, is it morning light?

    I was just talking to my boyfriend about this subject. We’ve got so much snow around here that even as the temperatures have warmed up some we’ve got a long ways until any garden work can be done! *Sigh* But we’ll get there. I love all the pictures posted to anticipate what we’ll soon have to appreciate. 😀


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