The strangest winter ever

This winter has been so strange. We’ve had practically no snow. This is the first time that I can remember that we’re approaching March and I haven’t gone skiing yet. We’ve had some cold weather, but all so dry. And now lately it’s been warmer. The last few days we’ve have had record warm February days with temperatures that feels like April. I mentioned that I saw some pussy willows earlier this winter, but now they are really emerging. This is at least one month early for this part of the country. Here are my first shot of pussy willows for 2014.


pussy willows2

15 thoughts on “The strangest winter ever

  1. With parts of the world getting more than normal snow, others like yours a lack of it, here arid regions getting so much rain it’s never before been recorded and other areas now almost in drought conditions, I think our worlds weather needs a reboot to get back to normal…

  2. LOL. And we have had snow at least once a week for the past 5 weeks including today. It also snowed yesterday and we are getting more next week. Normally we get maybe one or two snowfalls a month during the winter. This winter we have been getting one or two snowfalls a week,

    1. So strange. I hope things will be a bit normal next year. Now I feel like we are likely to have winter in spring and spring temperatures in the summer and that nothing will be normal this year… (very pessimistic I know.. 😉 )

  3. Yeah!!! I like their texture, always have since I was little, no doubt a favorite sign of spring.

    Funny in the Midwest USA we’ve had a lot more snow this year than we have in years. We’ve just had a warm streak for this time of year and a lot of snow has melted but there is still tons. AND it’s been colder than ever they called Arctic/Polar Vortex. Hopefully your summer isn’t too warm and dry!

    Take care,

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