Checking out Lightroom

I have Photoshop Elements for editing photos (mainly because of the price issue..), but when I updated Adobe reader the other day, I also chose to download Lightroom 5 for a 30 days free trial period. I haven’t taken my camera out since Sunday, mainly due to busy days, but I decided to edit a photo from January 2013 instead. A winter month with as little snow as this month. I’m longing for snow… Anyways, I find that Lightroom had lots of fun presets, so before I’m figuring out more about doing it all manually, I chose a preset and then edited that one a bit. All for fun. Tested out watermark (again) too. Not quite happy with the font. Probably a new font next time… (I’m rambling again, must stop now…)

Hope you like it. 🙂


19 thoughts on “Checking out Lightroom

  1. It’s great to have a play with new tools. I have Lightroom 5 and am very much learning. I have to admit I do not like distorting the colour to give an unnatural finish. Enjoy the weekend Inga, MM 🍀

    1. Thanks for letting me know how you feel about editing photos like this, Mick. We all have some different ideas and view about photography and post-processing, don’t we? I usually like natural the best, but sometimes I like to play around and can appreciate those results too. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

      1. Still in learning stage but like you I prefer natural look. It was very useful in my recent window shots as at the time I only had the built in flash and that was not strong enough to lighten the wall reducing shadows in LR5 helped to provide texture and detail to the foreground. On the gates pictures I reduced colour saturation to male the private signs less intrusive, bright red as they are. So very useful, but I’d go steady with the vibrancy and saturation functions. Have a great day Inga, love from Cork. MM 💚

    1. Høres bra ut. Jeg har ikke vært så flink på raw enda, men kanskje det blir bedre hvis jeg investerer i Lightroom. Jeg vurderer det. 🙂

  2. haha lightroom is fun and don’t forget to checkout websites that offer free lightroom presets to download.I’ve been using it since over a year and I love it. I see you’ve got the theme similar to mine… 😛

  3. I’ve not used Lightroom before although I do use Photoshop. Like you I prefer the natural view overall but I love being artistic with my photos sometimes and playing with the possibilities. I also really appreciate the raw editing you can do to correct and enhance images, like improving the exposure and clarity when the captured image doesn’t quite reveal what you really saw.

    In this image I like how the blue contrasts with the lifeless plant. Playing with the realism of an image I’ve found can sometimes enable you with a different perspective about what you’re looking at. I think I do prefer however when photos are altered that it be more obvious but I will stop rambling now as this is an interesting subject that could go on…and on…and on…


  4. Anbefaler LR på det høyeste, det er billig også. Fordi det både har en knall arkivfunksjon (da må en skrive inn søkeord, keywords, etterpå finner maskina alle bilder med f.eks. “snø”. Kan skrives inn på mange bilder samtidig, og i ettertid). Hvis det blir LR permanent så anbefales et lite kurs el. boka “Enkelt forklart” på (par hundrelapper). Starten er superviktig, hvordan du organiserer bildene og bruken av LR. Og fotografer i raw, da kan du endre så mye du vil i LR uten at originalen blir påvirket eller ødelagt.

  5. I use Elements Inga (they say it provides all the needs of a photographer – especially the RAW plug in) and Lightroom 4 is great for organising – initially I couldn’t get my head around Lightroom but I am now comfortable with it. Lightroom 5 is still pricey but 4 is quiet reasonable.

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