Ice bauble

I was inspired by blogger Lemony Shots who showed some Ice Baubles (and with description of how to make them) the other day. So I decided to try it out together with my son. The result was quite nice but I think I want to do it again, and also have more time to photograph it properly. My son has been home from kindergarten a few days because he’s having a cold and had high fever yesterday, but today he was better so we dared to go out for a few minutes to hang the ice bauble in a tree and to take a few shots. I also want a cleaner background and better light, so I need to try it out during the weekend when I’m home during the day.


ice bauble

looking through

33 thoughts on “Ice bauble

  1. What a nice idea. With many features. I find the series of your well managed. Here’s freezing it not yet. Maybe in the freezer. But that find my wife not such a good idea.

  2. Nice pics, I too like the one with your son behind the bauble. I also like the blue in the nice. Good luck with your other ideas, I look forward to seeing more.

    Hope your son is better. My niece was recently sick with a high fever as well, never fun.

    Take care

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