Winter Rosehip

I played around with layers in Photoshop Elements with these shots. And just to let you know, I have this habit of changing blog themes around new year, so it might change for a little while while I test out some things. I might stick with the current one, but then again I might change it too.

rosehip 1



26 thoughts on “Winter Rosehip

    1. Thank you, Andy. It is the fruit of the rose plant that grows wild many places, but people have it in their gardens as well. If you pick the fruit at the right time in the autumn you can make jellys, tea, soup and more. I’m not fond of the tea (which you can buy in every general store), but the jelly is quite good. I have never tried to make it myself though. Few people pick the fruit anymore and they usually just hang there throughout the winter before it’s the time for the rose again.

      1. A winter fruit huh? that’s one resilient plant, I’m going to see if i can find a source here in Vancouver, It’s gotten me very curious 🙂

      2. I’m not sure the fruit is worthy of anything during the winter time, but if you find some remember it for the summer (when there are beautiful pink roses) and for the autumn when you can pick them. But I’m not sure when the time is right for picking though. Some say after the first frost. And there are lots of seeds to be picked out… 😉

  1. Oh, I love the tone of these and how vibrant the rose hips look. I don’t really know how to care for roses and so last year I ended up pruning them slightly too late in the hopes that we would get a second flush of blooms. Unfortunately, we didn’t get those flowers, and of course to top it off, I’d clipped off all the old hips, so we didn’t have those to enjoy over the winter either, which is one of the nicest features of a dormant landscape!

    Also, I know how blog redecorating can go. 😛 I think I must have tried three dozen themes before I settled on a new one.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! I think most rose plants grows wild here and fewer people have it in their garden now than before. Probably because people don’t take the time to pick the fruits anymore. I quite like to se those fruits in the winter time though. I tried out about 10 themes yesterday without settling on any.. 😉

  2. Desse bildene måtte eg bruke litt tid på. Fantastisk fine! Eg kan lite om fotoredigering, så eg anar ikkje kva du har gjort (eller kva du meiner med “lag”… ) men resultatet var uansett veldig bra!

    1. Tusen takk! Jeg kan egentlig lite om fotoredigering jeg også. Men jeg fikk meg Photoshop Elements for litt over et år siden. Så du tok det mange måneder før jeg begynte å sette meg inn i det. Jeg kan lite, men prøver meg litt fram. 🙂 Når det gjelder “lag” i photoshop så handler det om å putte på forskjellige filter og gjøre andre endringer i forskjellige lag før du setter dem sammen. (det er vel det enkleste jeg kan forklare det) 🙂

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