Favorites from 2013: The Shortlist

Here is the shortlist of the top 10 photos from my blog in 2013. It’s the ones that got the most comments in the four previous post from each quarter of the year, and a few that I’m the most happy with myself. The poll is at the bottom of the page.

1. Frosty Straw

frosty straw

2. March Day by the Canal

poles in water towards Munkholmen

3. Cutest Visitor Ever

the cutest visitor ever

4. Chive Flower and the Bug

chive flower and a bug

5. Buttercup and a fly

the buttercup and the fly

6. Norht-Western Norway Summer Weather

tree and weather

7. Busy Bees

busy bees

8. Devil’s Bit Scabious

blΓ₯knapp 4

9. Autumn Leaf

leaf in the afternoon sun

10. Bad Weather in the Mountains

snow and wind Strynefjell

Time to vote (if I find out how to embed this poll thing… Fingers crossed)


37 thoughts on “Favorites from 2013: The Shortlist

  1. Beautiful,blog post photo,and author -Thank you for share it for us !Happy new year…May God spread prosperity and joy in your life on this New Year and fulfill all your dreams.With love Maxima

  2. All are great. It was hard to choose. I voted for #2 (March Day by the Canal. Thank you for sharing them all, Inga. Take care. -Max-

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