The village of Loen

In the beginning of this week I was in Loen, a village in Sogn & Fjordane county in the western part of Norway. It is a beautiful place and I had the most fantastic room in Hotel Alexandra, which is actually a quite famous hotel.

You can get more information, and a map of where Loen is situated by visiting this link.Β

I attended a conference, where I had several presentations together with my colleague. Being busy all day I was a bit unfortunate with the light. There had been beautiful autumn sunlight all day long, but when I had the time to go outside with my camera the sun was disappearing. Β Still I hope you get an impression of what it’s like there from these photos. I hope to get back to this area and also have time for walking in the mountains.

Loen 1

Loen 2

Loen 3

15 thoughts on “The village of Loen

  1. Dear Inga, they are amazing photographs of your country, Fascinated me again. Especially the houses and the mountains into the season colours… You really did great work with them. Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

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