The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

During last week’s visit to London I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum (the V&A) for the first time. It is the world’s largest museum of art and design, and I only had time to see a very small part of it. It is all quite amazing and I think I need to go back several times.  Here are some photos of the exterior of the museum, and one from inside as well.

the v&a

entrance the v&a

details from V&a entrance

The light installation below was so cool. It is made by the Canadian lighting brand Bocci and is made of 280 glass bauble lights.

installation v&a


15 thoughts on “The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

  1. Hærlige Londonbilder du har tatt Inga, en får nesten lyst tilbake alt 🙂

    Museet har jeg aldri hørt om engang så grunn til nok en tur, engang….

    1. Takk, Anne! London bør man dra til sånn med jevne mellomrom, syns jeg 😉 Dette var min 10. tur (tror jeg) og det var første gangen jeg var på V&A. Et flott museum (det lille jeg så av det) og svært interessant.

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