Hiking in the woods

On Friday I took the day off work and went hiking in the woods. The weather was a bit clody and windy, but nevertheless nice hiking weather. I really enjoyed just hiking alone and enjoying the surroundings and the wonderful autumn colors we have these days. Here are a few shots from my trip.

marsh area

autumn in the marsh

fly agaric

trær ved baklidammen

common heather

19 thoughts on “Hiking in the woods

  1. So beautiful! I really love the mushroom shot. I photographed some last summer in Holland. Before I saw them with my own eyes, I didn’t really know they existed, because we don’t have mushrooms like that in the US. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I always imagined that the fly agaric mushroom could be found in most countries. But I guess many plants, flowers and mushrooms are special for some countries.

      1. If they grow naturally in the US, I’ve certainly never seen them. And I’ve seen all sorts of other mushrooms in the woods over the years. They are just so magical looking!

  2. Inga you have such a gorgeous place in which to hike.. I’d take off work more often.. in fact we wish you would take off more often, so that we can get to enjoy your magnificent photography more often… now that’s enough more oftens for today… beautiful Inga, truly beautiful…

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