My view this morning

Yesterday afternoon I flew to Bergen and took the express boat to the island Halsnøy in Hordaland county, western part of Norway.  You can see where it is on the map here . I went there for work as one of my colleagues live there (I have colleagues all of over Norway on this national project I’m working on ) So the rest of the group went there for a workshop. We stayed at a small, local guesthouse and this was the magnificent view I woke up to this morning. The shot is taken at about 7 a.m. There will be more photos from Halsnøy in a later post. In the meantime – enjoy the view 🙂

view from the guesthouse

20 thoughts on “My view this morning

    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by. I took a quick look at your blog and it looks great and interesting. I am now following and will stop by later for closer look. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tim! I’m already back home as this was a short stay, but I hope we’ll be going back in the spring with more time to explore. I did however manage to take some pictures. I will post them later.

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