Trondheim Food Festival

The same week of the St. Olav´s festival that I mentioned in my last post, there is also another festival in the city of Trondheim: the Trøndelag food festival. (the link is in Norwegian only, but it gives you an idea of what it´s about).  The festival celebrate food making, mostly small scale local produce of different kinds, but also some larger brands. All of them are from the Trøndelag counties that are the mid-part of Norway. There is everything from different kinds of fish and meat to jams, lemonades, herbs and spices and chocolate. It´s like an extended farmers market, that is also arranged one weekend a month in the main square. Here are some shots from the food festival. Most of them were taking very quickly as I visited with my 4 year old, and to wait for mum photographing is not much fun. 😉

1. Ecological lemonades and chutneys

ecological lemonades and chutney

2. Beer from Inderøy in North Trøndelag county.

farm made beer

3. Chocolate from Meium farm in Selbu
chocolate from Selbu

4. Tea, syrups and vinegars from Romstad farm, Bjugn in the Fosen peninsula, South Trøndelag county.
te og saft Romstad

5. A paper bag from the Farmers Market
farmers market bag


6 thoughts on “Trondheim Food Festival

  1. I love going to such markets… one gets the best of foods and jams that you will never buy in a shop… there is one we attend regularly and I buy my marmalade there… I love the fact they don’t always taste exactly the same but are always delicious… it’s that home made feel that I love…

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