In thoughts

This week the St. Olav´s festival is celebrated in Trondheim.  It´s the 51st festival. St. Olav is a Norwegian king  who was buried in Trondheim in the year 1030, after he died at the battle of Stiklestad, north of Trondheim. He is known for introducing christianity in laws in Norway, and he was lated made a saint. The Nidaros Cathedral (which is featured in several posts on my blog) was built on top of his grave. For this Trondheim was an important pilgrimage site for many centuries.

Today the St. Olav´s festival is a mixture of religion with services, readings and religious music on the one hand, and pop/rock concerts, knight´s tournaments and historical happenings on the other hand. Today I visited the historical market and I suddenly saw this nun from a nearby convent. The nuns sell home made handicrafts at the market. She looked both a bit tired and also peaceful there she sat in the middle of the hustle and bustle of sellers, locals, tourists, adults and kids. I edited this a bit to get that retro look, as I thought that might fit the photo. I hope you like it.

contemplating nun


12 thoughts on “In thoughts

  1. Your photo transmits a feeling of peace and quite, if it wasn’t for your description one could never guess it was from a busy place. I agree the muted colors fit the photo very well.

  2. I like this image (and your narrative) a lot. I’ve been away for a while and was delighted to see you name on a “like” on one of my recent posts. I’ve missed your blogs and will now catch up on your life and your fabulous images. ~Mona

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