Fog and rain

We´re on summer vacation. First stop my husband´s family before going to my mum later on. Nothing fancy this year. But still very nice. If only the weather would feel like summer. Today it was foggy, raining and about 14 degrees celsius. I still went for a walk when it was time for my youngest son´s nap. I really need to practice taking photos when the weather is bad too. I´ve had some time the last couple of days to figure out more about Photoshop Elements, which I´ve had since last autumn. So I decided to try it out a little with my fog and rain photos. Hope you like them.

tåke rundt goksøyra

tåke Eresfjord

nedover vegen retning Eikesdalen

the barn behind the field

havreåker i regnet

12 thoughts on “Fog and rain

  1. Yes I do like them… this last photo though is something special… all are good … love the one with the road… remember reading somewhere how this makes a good photo, something about depth to the shot… very beautiful….

  2. Yes, I have been on vacations like this. I really like these because they capture the beauty that is there but, as you said, hard to capture.

  3. I really love your pictures but I feel may be these need some more of contrast? or may be you just want to keep the originals.. 🙂

  4. I usually like more contrast too, but this time I found it hard to increase the contrast more if I wanted to portray how it felt and looked like this day. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. 🙂

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