The light falls on the flowers

First of all: As most of you may have noticed, I have changed the theme of the blog (again). I wrote a few weeks back that I might change the theme, mostly because I missed some things with the theme I had. With this theme I can still have one column and pretty large photos, but I can also feature the “about me” link at the top. I wish I knew how to change the background color though. I tried, but it seems I have to go pro or something. Any tips? Please let me know. Also, tell me if you like the new theme or if I just should go back to the one I had. I might just listen 😉

The following photos I took a few days ago at a trip in the woods late in the evening with the evening sun shining through the trees. I just love those late Nordic summer nights. I hope we´ll have more nice and warm weather soon though. It´s been quite cold for summer lately.

the light falls on the flower

leaf in the evening sun

simple beauty


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