A day at Gamle Hvam – an old farm turned museum

Earlier this week me and my mum took the kids to a small open air museum that is an old farm. The farm is called Gamle Hvam (Gamle means old) and has several buildings, old tractors and other agricultural machines, fun things for kids and lots of farm animals, like sheep, pigs, hens, turkey and some rabbits. It was a sunny and lovely day.

The farmers at Gamle Hvam were rich and powerful, something the old buildings reflect.

1. The road leading up to the farm.
the road to the museum

2. The barn seen from the road
the barn Hvam

3. The barn and the stable seen from the front. This building dates back to the second half of the 18th century.
the barn from the front

4. This poor little birdie had fallen out of the nest, I guess.
poor birdie

5. The old farmhouse and the new farmhouse. The old farmhouse to the left with the open galleries was built in 1728, and is the oldest building on the farm today. It housed both the farmer and his family, as well as the servants. The new farmhouse, the yellow building, was built in 1820.
the old and the new farmhouse

6. Another one of the old farmhouse. I found it so nice with the laundry drying in the wind.
laundry drying by the old farmhouse

7. The big storehouse (stabbur) on pillars is from the 1770s. The shape of the pillars helped prevent rats and mice from entering the building where they would store food among other things.
the big stabbur

8. An old Massey Harris tractor.
red massey harris and a stabbur

9. And of course a flower shot too … 😉

6 thoughts on “A day at Gamle Hvam – an old farm turned museum

  1. Great photos. Love the old farmhouse. Those pillars look scary, though. I can just see everything just tipping over! Haha . . .

  2. These are just out of this world… such old buildings still in good condition… some of the buildings are almost older than our countries history… lovely share…

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