A trip to the Ringve Botanical Garden

Yesterday I joined a photography group on a trip to the Ringve Botanical Garden. There weren´t as many flowers as I had hoped, and I also (once again) found that I really need to buy myself a zoom lens so that I can shoot birds too. Anyways, here are a few of the shots from yesterday´s trip.

primula bud

primula denticulata

primula denticulata2

waterlilly flowers in the pond

måke på rede

light between trees

ballblom Trollious europaeus

pretty little flowers2

13 thoughts on “A trip to the Ringve Botanical Garden

  1. I love your flowers! Beautiful photography! 🙂 The layout your site is very nice, I really like the BIG photos you show us.:-)

    1. Thanks, Bashar. Yes, we´ve had warm summer weather for the past two weeks now. We´re enjoying it as much as we can though, because we never know when the sun disappears for rainy weeks. 🙂

  2. wow! at times I feel like either your camera captures colors quite awesomely or nature is too beautiful over there lol

  3. Oj oj oj, det er så en kjenner blomsterlukta helt utti Orkdal`en!
    Aldri vært der jeg faktisk, men nå fikk en da så lyst så lyst, og uoverkommelig er vel turen ikke, bare å komme på det når en har lyst på noe annet 🙂

    Fin fin helg ønskes deg Inga.

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