Spring has (almost) sprung

More spring photos coming your way. It still feels like early spring here up north, but today I saw a wood anemone for the first time this year. That´s a good sign! 🙂 Hopefully there will be more flowers soon. And now there are small green buds on the trees too. Maybe there will be some small green leaves on the trees in time for the 17th of May (which is our constitution day).

The first photo of this post is remains from last year, but I loved the shape of it. A few buds and then finally the wood anemone. Not a perfect shot, I couldn´t get the focus quite right, but I was out with my sons and didn´t have time to take more than that one shot. I will have to go back soon and shoot lots of lovely spring flowers.

And by the way, I´m considering changing the blog theme – again. I´m happy with how the photos look with the current theme, but there are some things that I miss with it too. Maybe I´ll go back to two columns, or maybe not – we´ll see.

from last year

tree bud


hvitveis endelig


11 thoughts on “Spring has (almost) sprung

  1. En kjenner lukta av vår og heldigvis ER den nå i lufta Inga, vi har ikke lengtet og ventet mer vel. Faren er val bare at alt går så utrolig fort nå, en rekker kanskje ikke få med seg alt 🙂

    Hvitveisen er jo en vårsymfoni i seg selv. Som en ballerina den står…

    1. Ja, endelig lukter det vår! Herlig er det. Og takk for at du alltid stopper innom for å kommentere. Jeg vet jeg ikke er like flink som deg.

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