A Sunday trip to the folk museum

On Sunday I took the boys to the folk museum. My oldest son enjoys spending time there, and my hope is that the youngest one will too eventually. It´s more fun in the summer time with an old tractor and plenty of animals like sheep, pigs, cows and hens. Still it was a nice walk around the museum, and I managed to take a few shots too.

Trøndelag Folk Museum, also called Sverresborg because of the fort that King Sverre had built there way back in the 12th century, is situated in Trondheim and dates back to 1909. The folk museum is a collection of buildings from all over the Trøndelag area (the counties of South and North Trøndelag, which basically is the mid-part of Norway). Most of the buildings are from the 18th and 19th century, with some exceptions.

1. An old fisherman´s cabin from the coast of Trøndelag.


2. The Haltdalen stave church. The church was built in the late 12th century, and there are still parts of it that dates back to the beginning, but it has also been restored and added to few times. The church is built up today as it looked like when it first was constructed. A stave church is a type of construction that uses framwork design with solid corner pillars, called staves. The church from Haltdalen is a very simple kind of stave church. The most famous ones in Norway are complex buildings with towers and decorations like dragon heads. Click this link to read more and see pictures of other stave churches.
Haltdalen stavkirke front

3. A “stabbur”, a kind of storage house used in farms. It was used to store food like flour, bread and cured meat. It was also used to store clothes and sheets for the beds, depending on the season.

4. The main house from a farm in the mountain area of Oppdal, almost 2 hours south of Trondheim. This was a great farm where they had plenty of resources so that they could show off their house with red paint at a time when most didn´t use pain on houses. To the right there is a small “stabbur”, and behind the buildings you can see what remains of the ruins of the old fort.

5. We also met this duck by the duck pond
curious duck

6. And we saw flocks of geese heading for the fjord, all ready for spring and summer. (I had to edit this quite a lot to make it look relatively okey, but I liked the effect of it)
geese in flight


7 thoughts on “A Sunday trip to the folk museum

    1. thanks! Actually there were several flocks of geese all passing us. It’s quite fascinating how they all come at the same time.

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