Small signs of spring

As I write the title of this post, it´s once more snowing outside.. As my followers already know, I love snow. But I also love the changing of the seasons. Snow in April is not uncommon, but still I´m now tired of snow and cold. I want spring with small wild flowers, crocuses and buds on the trees. And seeing photos from those of my blogger friends that are now posting spring photos, just makes me long for it even more. 😉

So still plenty of snow outside, but still there are some small signs of spring.

gåseunger 1

snow on moss

mossy tree stump

green and white

bird box

10 thoughts on “Small signs of spring

  1. Lovely photos. At the moment of looking at the first one there was an insect on my screen and at first I thought it was part of the photograph until it moved and freaked me a bit :-S Dopey boy!!!

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