Finally the last post from our Europe trip in June 2012. Lübeck was the last stop. Please have a look over at my travel blog 🙂

Out and about with Inga

This is the last post with photos from our big Europe trip last summer. After taking the car train (yes indeed, it´s possible to bring the car on the train) from Verona to Hamburg, we drove to Lübeck and stayed there for the last two days of the vacation.

Coming from 40 degrees in Italy, it was quite a shock coming to Lübeck where it rained and was about 12 degrees (and this was late June). That said: Lübeck was a lovely city with some really interesting architecture and nice restaurants. But I´m glad we had a big hotel room where we could dry our clothes and warm up after our walks. 😉

Lübeck was founded in 1143, and was the major city of the Hanseatic league. Today the city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. My son under what for him is a big umbrella 🙂

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  1. dear Inga you really captured a great shot with this umbrella… so beautiful. I have just seen your blog and visited too. Thank you dear, have a nice weekend, love, nia

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