Sun, snow and water

Today the weather was just too perfect to miss the opportunity, so I went in a bit late to the office and took the time to stop on the way to for a few minutes of photography. New snow over the night, and a nice, warming sun made it all so wonderful. (well, itยดs all relative, I guess for all of you not living in Scandinavia, our sun in March is not very warming at all ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

These shots are taken close to railway bridge called “Skansen” by the canal that comes in from the fjord, and also looking towards the Ila Marina and the lighthouse. (featured in a post not long ago –ย

Maybe some day I need to share a map of the city with you so it would be easier for you all to understand where all these parts of the city are. Some day, not today ๐Ÿ˜‰

old rusty boat reflected

the canal Skansen

poles in water towards Munkholmen

view towards the lighthouseIt seems as though I have got some dust or spots either on the lens or inside the camera. As you can see there are spots in the upper part. Very annoying. Itยดs only one year ago that I had my camera cleaned professionally. Well, I have tried to clean the lens (and the UV filter), sop hopefully thatยดll help.

view towards marina and lighthouse

blue tones

And last a shot from the lane “Drillveita”, a lane with old, traditional wooden houses. This lane is in the city centre, just a few minutes walk from my office.


21 thoughts on “Sun, snow and water

    1. Thanks, Bashar. And no definitely not a warm day, but as we get closer to spring we can feel the warmth of the sun even when there’s snow. You see, even though we get sunny days in winter it’s a cold sun from late November to mid-February. So to us the sun rays with warmth in them are so welcoming. ๐Ÿ™‚

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