A foggy day at the cemetery – some years ago

I’m afraid there will not be much time for photography this week, so I thought I’d share with you some photos I took some years ago. It was a foggy winter day, and I went to the cemetery to capture the foggy mood. These photos are all from my Flickr photostream (not very active at Flickr these days, WordPress takes up all my time … 😉 ). I am posting them as they looked like when I first posted them to Flickr, I have not re-edited them. Enjoy 🙂

Foggy 1

foggy 3

foggy 2

foggy 4

branches in snow


26 thoughts on “A foggy day at the cemetery – some years ago

  1. The photos are wonderful. It was interesting to know that these were taken at a cemetery. I wonder what my reaction would have been if I had not known that fact. I am wondering about what setting tells me about a photo. Something for me to ponder.

  2. Ohoiiii Inga! her var mange gode bilder du. Ditt første tre her var helt perfekt jo, og et slikt tre som hadde vært perfekt å følge gjennom året og årstidene som de forandres, ja sånn i en serie du vet.
    Likte også veldig det med den gamle dama i den aleen, superdupert, og rå etterbehandling.

    Ser ut som om det er fra en kirkegård, og stemningen ligger i bildene ja!!

    Ha en superduper dag, på tross av været… sukk…

    1. you think? isn´t it interesting how read different things into a picture? I find it peaceful. But I´m with you: it could be seen as spooky too. 🙂 Thanks for leaving your comment, Martyn 🙂

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