Snow, snow and then some more snow

So finally we had all the snow that was needed to make everything look more beautiful, be able to play with it and go skiing. (and of course snow shoveling, which is not that fun 😉 )

so much snowBefore the weekend it snowed for about 24 hours straight… This is looking out on our veranda.

looking out on the snowOur youngest looking out on the weather

out with the skisOur oldest son´s skis are now actually in use

lots of snowFrom our garden

icicles from the roof

And now some Instagram shots.

snø kyvatnetThis is from the nearby pond, Kyvannet, before the rest of the snow came. 🙂

out skiingSo finally we got to go skiing. We can actually put on the skis at our home before skiing down to the ski tracks nearby. The nearest one here is my husband pulling the pulk with the baby in it, and the 3 year old sitting on it. A pulk is typical of Nordic countries, and is a kind of sleigh used for transport for instance of small children when going skiing. It can be pulled by a person or for instance dogs.

Skitur kyvatnet 2Not quite straight, but it still looks nice, doesn’t it?

22 thoughts on “Snow, snow and then some more snow

  1. Beautiful. Can I spend the winter with you? Or trade houses? You want the cactus of southwest USA don’t you? You seem to live in such a magical place.

    By the way the images are beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much, Mona! You are welcome to Norway anytime. And I would like to visit southwest USA. I just want to enjoy the winter here a bit more first 🙂

  2. Ja vintervakkert det virkelig ble, og jeg trivs med det akkurat sånn bare det holder seg sånn, men litt kaldt og snø i alle trær 🙂

    Jøsses, trodde nesten du løy Inga, lillegutt såååå stor?? jøjje min som tia går, synes jammen ikke det er lenge siden den lå på innsiden av magen jeg gitt, he he

  3. These are lovely photos and I’m glad I never get the chance to take photos of this kind… IT LOOKS COLD,…. a question .. a pulk, do you ski down hill with the children as well.??.. ignorant as I am, when I watch skiing on the TV with people flying down hill at enormous speeds, I wonder what do they do with their children when they are small… do you towed them down on this pulk.??
    Det ser absolutt ut som en fin familietur

    1. Hi Rob, we definitely don’t ski slalom or down hill with a child in a pulk. that would be very dangerous. People only use pulk when cross country skiing. although it might be hilly, we never get up to fast speeds. Not like the world championship in Alpine skiing these days 🙂
      It sure was a nice, although a bit short, trip. 🙂

      1. Thank you Inga… we only see these people flying down hill at great speed… and even those that are stupid enough to jump off a special ledge to fly 100s of metres before making a (not always) safe landing… so glad to her the families get out with the youngsters to enjoy the time together on not such dangerous slopes…

  4. Beautiful snow photographs but I should say what I loved most is the your little boy 🙂 Blessing and Happiness to you all, spring will be soon… Thanks and Love, nia

    1. Thank you! It’s great living here. Hopefully we will have a lovely spring and summer too. But we usually don’t expect spring for real inntil April though. 🙂

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